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Why it’s so important for small businesses to have secure servers

Server security refers to the tools and techniques used to secure the sensitive data and resources kept on a company's servers, as well as to secure the server's assets. Because of the sensitive data they contain, servers are typically targeted by cybercriminals attempting to profit from server security flaws.

In today's digital world, almost every organization has computerized their organizational structure and have moved critical functions online. While this definitely has a number of advantages, it also opens the door to cyber-attacks. When you consider it, all of a company's data is saved on servers, including classified material about the company and its clients.

If a hacker is able to obtain access to this data, they can easily destroy the firm in every direction. A successful breach can result in the collapse of a firm, especially if the attack is made public or if it targets client information. Consider yourself in your client's shoes: would you still invest in a company that doesn't utilize cybersecurity effectively? Will you trust an organization with your personal information if you feel they can't protect it? The answer is obvious. Thus, in today's digital era, implementing IT security has become a requirement.

Even if your organization has the best technology, topnotch servers or cloud service solutions, a single attack might render everything useless. If an attacker is successful in infiltrating a system, they will have complete access to the network, and your enterprise will be at their mercy. Additionally, cyber-crime level is on the rise at an exponential rate. According to a particular statistic by the government, 4 out of 10 businesses have been victims of a cyber-attack during the last year. This figure proves that organizations must take all reasonable precautions to secure their data from hackers. Before we go into

the various reasons why organizations should strengthen their cybersecurity, it's critical to understand the various methods hackers use to obtain access to a system.

Cybersecurity Risks to Which Your Company Could Be Exposed:

If your company does not have strong cyber security measures in place, it may be vulnerable to a variety of dangers. Some of these hazards are listed below.

  •  Unpatched software

  •  Out of date software

  •  Ransomware attacks

  •  Password decryption

  •  DDoS attacks

  •  Malware attacks

  •  Cyber fraud

  •  Drive-by downloads

Why its so important for small businesses to have secure servers

In most situations, if a cybercriminal succeeds in getting access to your network, the repercussions are irrevocable. As previously stated, a successful hack can lead to the collapse of even the most powerfulenterprise. To emphasize the necessity of safeguarding your commercial data and employing business IT support services, we've compiled a list of the most severe consequences of a successful hack.

1. Staggering Damage to Brand Reputation

The first repercussion a firm will have to cope with is the unavoidable horror of having its reputation tarnished as a result of a hack. In most situations, this is irrevocable, as the business may lose all of its clients as a result of a hacker gaining access to their confidential data. Clients need to trust organizations with their personal information and financial data; if they discover that their information is not safeguarded, they would never trust the business again. In addition, following a cyberattack, a business may find it difficult to integrate or partner with another corporate venture because they would never compromise their company's reputation. In the business world, reputation is one of the most valuable assets a company may have, and if it is tarnished, the consequences can be long-lasting.

2. Significant Financial Losses

After a hacker has gained access to a network, they can take advantage of the information. Malicious attackers could sell a firm's personal information to third parties, or blackmail the organization into paying a hefty fee if they want their data recovered or access to their system restored. According to the Ponemon Institute, the cost of neutralizing a hack for a small business is around $69,0000, while the cost for a medium-sized business can surpass $1 million. These figures demonstrate how catastrophic the financial repercussions of a hack could be, particularly if the company lacks the resources to alleviate these costs.

3. Damage Control on the Inside

Following a hack, the board will have to hold someone accountable for the security breach. Even if the hack was not totally their fault, any entity who contributed to it will be held accountable. The board will have to set a disciplinary example for other staff by letting go of executives in charge of cybersecurity. If the compromise was caused by an employee's negligence, they will be held accountable and must take strict measures to ensure that a similar breach does not occur again. This internal damage control may have rather detrimental effects on the workforce, as it will have a direct impact on their motivation and

equally make them doubt their job security.

4. The Company's Foreclosure

According to the National Cyber Security Alliance of the United States, around 60% of small firms lack the capacity to neutralize a cyber-attack and therefore must shut down within 6 months. Even if the company has the means to offset the devastation, the costs are usually so enormous that it must overhaul its existing operational structure. These businesses must begin cutting costs, and they are left with no other alternative than to lower the quality of the services they offer to the customers.

Final Thoughts

These four repercussions of a hack demonstrate how critical it is for a company to take every necessary precaution to improve its cyber security network. It's vital to understand that these hacks aren't just computer malfunctions; they're targeted attacks on businesses and they have the potential to severely ruin a the operations and reputation of a business. IT services for small businesses can, however, help you counter the effects of a server security breach.

At Screen Blue Technical Services, we provide small and medium sized businesses with

the most reliable, secure, and cost effective solutions available to service providers. We

will provide your business with unmatched IT services using today's most modern cloud,

security, and on-site, solutions. Your business, your employees, and your bottom line will

never be happier with the service level provided by our server repair company.

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